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Features of KaraokeKanta 8.0


Picture player
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Play Video Karaoke files
Change tone, speed and balance of the video
Change location of songs
Convert Karaoke CD+G Discs to MP3

Now you can enjoy the BEST version of KaraokeKanta.

Play Video Karaoke files in popular formats AVI, DIVX, MP4, FLV, MPEG, MOV, WMV. Increases or decreases the tone and the speed of the video to adjust a video to your voice.

TV Screen for parties and Pubs-Karaoke.

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The Demo-version karaoke player
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Play Video Karaoke files New!

Play Video Karaoke files in popular formats AVI, DIVX, MP4, FLV, MPEG, MOV, WMV.

  • Video AVI - Files  .avi .divx
  • Video MP4 - Files  .mp4 .m4v .mp4v .mpv4
  • Video Flash - Files  .flv
  • Video MPEG - Files  .mpeg .mpg .mp2v .mpv2 .m1v .m2v .m2p .mpe
  • Video QuickTime - Files  .hdmov .mov
  • Video Windows Media - Files  .wmv .asf

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Change tone, speed and balance of the video New!
  • Increases or decreases the key of the video to adjust a video to your voice.
  • Change the speed and volume of the video.
  • Use the Balance control for those videos whose voice is recorded on the left or right channel and leave just the music.


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Change location of songs New!

You can change the location of the folder where Karaokekanta stores the songs. You can select a different folder than the default one, this is useful to change the location of the songs to another local hard disk, to an external hard drive or even a USB pen, CD ...


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Convert Karaoke CD+G Discs to MP3 New!
Driver CDG

Play songs from a CD+G Disc in KaraokeKanta without the need to have the Disc inserted in the CD/DVD drive, you have to convert them into the format used by KaraokeKanta (MP3+G). This formato consists in an MP3 file which includes the Lyric of the song.

A CD+G disc (also known as CD+Graphics) is a special audio compact disc that contains graphics data in addition to the audio data on the disc.

Only you can convert those CD drives that are compatible with CD+G.

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New TV Display

With the TV Screen, you can see KaraokeKanta in a full screen mode on your tv or in another display.

You can use the normal window in your computer to function the Control Panel of KaraokeKanta in your parties or Pubs-Karaoke.

Required a video car with TV output.

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Keyboard Shortcuts
  • You can manage the basic funtions of Karaokekanta with your keyboard without using a mouse. This option is especially usefull when you use Karaokekanta in Full Screen mode and you are seeing it on your TV Display.
  • Shows information of the functions on your TV Screen:

(Example: Press + key to increase music key)

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Song Lists and Play Lists
  • Save adjustments of a Play List Song, all the changes related to the key, speed, volume or silenced channels.
  • New options to make your Song Lists:


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Interface Changes
  • Move windows clicking and dragging.
  • New XP look controls.

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Now you can play MP3, WMA, CD+G, KOK, LRC files

Besides the instrumental formats of karaoke MIDI (mid & kar), now you can also play digital MP3 and WMA files.

Enjoy with CDG (CD+G) format, KaraokeKanta can play MP3+G and WMA+G files, convert your CD+G's to this format and you'll be able to use them in your PC.

You can also play KOK & LRC files.

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Digital Effects in the Music

Adjust the sound of the MP3 & WMA files with the new equalizer of 3 frequencies 125 Hz, 1 KHz, 8 KHz

Add Reverb effect to the music and improve your recorded songs.

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New Controls
New Key, Speed and Volume controls for the music.
New Key control for the selected voice file.

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Sound Effects during the song

From now on your karaoke parties will be much more animated thanks to the Sound Effects. These effects can be from aplauses, laughs, shouting public or any other kind. It will make it all more enjoyfull.

There are several configurations, with the first there will be an aplause just starting the song and and aplause or shouting at the end. In the other options the sounds are divided during the song with the frecuency of 2, 4 or 6 times.

Entertainment Guarenteed!


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Those are Song-Lists created by the Users in which you can order the songs the way you prefer. You can create as many Lists as you want and give them different names.

Prepare Playlists for your Parties and select them, don't lose time seaching one by one. Just prepare the Lists and Sing ...

Change automatic of song in your Playlist
You can configurate with seconds the Pause you want between one song and the next one on you Playlist that way they play one after another one and you can use it as well as background music.

Play songs from a Playlist

Look for the selected List in the Song Section. With the new button "Previous and Next Song" you can "jump" the song from the list and add it on the Playlist (see above).

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Positionment and Mark-System
Learn a song now much faster with KaraokeKanta, together with ColorStart and Marksystem makes this Reproductor the most complete Player to learn songs.

Positionment of a Song
Dragging with the mouse the scrollbar situated just under Display you can posicion the song at any point you wish.

Reproduction from the Mark
You can insert a mark at any point of the song clicking button Insert Mark then you can reproduce again from that point clicking button Reproduce from Mark.

The position of the Mark will stay represented by a little Mark under the Progress Indicator.

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Changes of the Backgrounds during a song

It will be nicer if you can change more frequently the backgrounds if you are singing.

Now you can configurate yourself the changes (in seconds) to change your inserted backgrounds.

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.Kar and .Midi-files associated to KaraokeKanta

You can configurate KaraokeKanta as your predetermined Reproductor for .kar y .midi-files

This way you will be able to Repoduce any .kar or midi file giving double click on it, even if this file is on another disk.

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New buttons Pause, Previous and Next Song

With the new buttons you can Stop a song at any point and/or Continue, jump to the Next song or the Previous one of the list.

If you use a Playlist the order of the Songs on that list will be that one the day you created it.

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Center the Horizontal text and the Vertical alignment

We have improved the visualization of the text on the screen, now you can configurate the Center or not of the sentences and the vertical alignment of the text, to fit it to the taste of each user.

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Quick search of the Songs

Find instantly any song you have installed, searching putting part of the songtitle or part of the name of the artist.

Clicking twice on the songtitle found in the list, the song will start to Play.

Search another song while somebody is singing, you won't loose your time that way.

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New system of how to Organize the Songs

In other versions KaraokeKanta used the internal title which had the KAR-file, now KaraokeKanta permits to use as the title of the song the file-name of the KAR o MID.

This system is far away the best for those files with names: Artist -Songtitle.kar

Changing the title from KaraokeKanta with the button rename automatically the kar-file will be renamed on your hard-disc.

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Microsoft DirectX© 9.0

KaraokeKanta supports the last version of Microsoft DirectX©, improves the graphics, security, and performance of your operating system. Taking the maximum advantage of the possibilities of your soundcard.

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New Look

With the Panel system you can activate just that panel you are going to use, hiding the other functions you don't need.

You can hide all the panels while you're singing to have the whole screen to sing, with your backgrounds.

With this new distribution of buttons and panels the management is a lot easier and more intuitive.

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New Voices System

With this version you can sing a song and reproduce it at the same time with a soundfile like (.mp3 .wav .wma) which contains the voice of another person who has previously recorded its voice of the same song. You can modify the volume of that voice to adjust it to yours and so you you will be able to sing duet.

You can also put a MP3 song of your favorite singer and sing together with him/her as a duet. A good way to learn the song by heart.

Click here
for more info

With this exclusive system you will be able to interchange voices and even form virtual music groups as more than one person can sing and record again and again over the same song.

Record the result and create real good versions.

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Song Selection by Number

This option allows you to select the song quickly by its number, each song has a number and you can list all the songs ordered by title.

This system is UNIQUE of KaraokeKanta and is similar to the systems used in Karaoke Pubs or Bars.

You can also use this system for your TV-Screen, the title shows up in big to make it easier to be read from a dictance.

(Write here 4474 and pressPlay)

The Numbers of the songs can be seen on your TV-screen or you can print the list of all the songs.

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Change the Title of the song

Change the Title of the song and organize the songs as you prefer. Modify that title which doesn't correspond and use the style Title - Autor, after you will be able to search the songs by alfabetic order or to list the songs to find sooner the song you want to sing.

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List of the all the installed songs

Visualizes in WEB site a list of all the installed songs, ordered by lenguage, title, file-name, with the possibility to show you the last added files as new.

Now you can print the songlist and show them to your invited friends so that they can choose their song from the list.

It permits you to search a song while another is singing without disturbing.

Very usefull to interchange songs with your friends.

Song list


Spanish (A)

. . .
08559 - A Bailar (CANTORES DE HISPALIS) ( Cantores de hispali - A Bailar.kar )
09117 - A donde quiera ( Marco Antonio Muñiz - Adondequiera.KAR )
08963 - A MI MANERA ( Frank Sinatra - A mi manera2.kar )
09360 - Abanhibi ( ABANHIBI.KAR ) New
07993 - Abba - Gracias por la musica ( Abba - Gracias por la musica.kar )
. . .

The list includes the Number of the Song so that the selection will be faster.

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Create Classifications and Subfolders

Apart from the classifications included in KaraokeKanta, in an easy way you can create your own folders, just to organize even more your songs.

You can also create new folders in an already existing Classification, to have separated those files you want not to mix with other files.

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New Tecnology ColorStart®

With the ColorStart® system you'll be able to know when a pause comes and also when the next syllable will show up just by watching the colorchange. The next sylllabe you have to sing will be changing from red into green.  

Adjust the beginning of the syllable. It's permits you to configurate the advancement or delayment of the word related to the music.
This helps you to synchronize your lecture with the songlyric.

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Channels Mute and Instrumental Information

Now you can mute one or more channels to sing without the melody channel. It also shows you which channels are used and what instruments are in each song.

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Modify Key and Speed

Modifies the Key of the song while playing and changes its Speed.

More information on your screen, you will know what Tempo the song has at every moment. The information of the Compass indicates the present one and the Beat within the compass. Important to know when two persons are singing together in which Compass enters the second singer.

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Microsoft® DirectX®

Microsoft® DirectX® the newest tecnology of Microsoft permits you to take the maximum advantage of the features of your soundblaster, you can select the port, and if you have an extern syntetizer, you can hear the music through it, with a better sound.

You also can modify the key with the music on the fly. No need to stop the song.


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Window with Backgrounds

This window is prepared to make all kinds of arrangements like changing font-sizes, background, letter and shadowcolours, and prepared to introduce images/back-grounds to make singing more enjoyable.

BACKGROUNDS NEW! Take those backgrounds you most like, and just drag and drop them in. Activate the automatic system that will change a background into another one every time you start a song.


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Direct Access by Title to the Songs
KaraokeKanta is the only karaoke-system able to select a song instantly in one of the eight languages we have now, by our ABC-system. No need to search in folders and/or carpets. If you have thousands of songs all other karaoke-systems will seem small to you.

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Organization of the songs by languages and Favorites
Karaokekanta let you create your own classifications, to organize songs in the way you prefer to. A "favorites" classification is available for those songs you often like to sing.

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Sincronized recording from song and voice

With this new function only available by KARAOKEKANTA, you can record the song with your voice, in WAV format, and immediatly after you'll be able to reproduce it, seeing the songlyric at the same time, convert them into other formats like MP3 to put them in your website, record your songs and put them onto a CD. You can adjust the record quality and all this in a very easy way, especially for those who has just a little knowledge about how to manage PC-programs.

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Supports MIDI-files

Now you don't have to rename .midi- files into .kar files as KARAOKEKANTA admits them as well.

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Extract the Songlyric as a Web-site

Select a song and press the button Extract songlyric and it will be visualised as a web-site. And of course you can print it or copy it...

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Tone Modify of the music

This option helps you to get adjusted the key to your voice, there's no need then to force your voice.

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Drop and Drag to add new songs

Adding new Songs is very easy, just drop and drag a .kar or a .zip-file into Karaokekanta and they will be added instantly.

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Syllabic visualation

If you don't know the song, this option shows you the part of the song that has to be sung.

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KaraoKekanta is International

KaraokeKanta is available in eight languages. Changing of language is instantly. No need to reinstall.

After selecting another language all the words available will be changed into that chosen language.

At present KaraokeKanta permits to select in 8 different languages.

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